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Lorenzo Santos – Prometheus Capital-min

Lorenzo Santos

Lorenzo is the founder of  Titan Partners.

Titan Partners, an impact private equity fund, focused on bringing renewable energy, sustainable irrigation, education, and healthcare to frontier markets. So far we have raised $5 million USD, have an engagement letter with Zambia through our intermediary. Beginning negotiations with Zambia and Mozambique in May to establish our relationships.


Nuraiman Shaiful – Go Get-min

Nuraiman Shaiful

Nuraiman is one of the co-founders of Go Get. is about creating a better Malaysia for the community by applying technology, data-driven decision making, and systematized operations to solve a massive, offline problem, the lack of prevalent e-commerce and reliable point-to-point delivery service. Nuraiman is currently looking for opportunities of expanding into London.

For more information, look into GoGet’s website here.

Alex Welch – Vitality Farms-min

Alexandra Welch

Alex is the founder of Vitality Farms.

Vitality farms are tackling the world’s food crises by creating sustainable solutions powered by urban farming. Our 3D printed, vertical farming units are easily assembled and embrace aquaponic techniques. Aquaponics is a simple way of growing food in an ecosystem that connects fish, plants, water, and bacteria. This low maintenance, closed loop system maximizes space and water efficiency. By producing our farms via 3D printing we are able to create farms that are innovative, affordable, and can be tailored to suit individual needs. Our goal is to empower people by allowing by them to gain back control of their consumption.

Franco Torres – Dorm Made-min

Franco Torres

Franco is the founder of Dorm Made.

Dorm Made is an online platform that connects college students cooking in their dormitories with other students in search of a cheap, yet healthy meal option. Dorm Made serves practicality and is looking to launch their beta in the near future!

Aeron Alzaga – LovePills LDN-min

Aeron Alzaga

Aeron is the founder of LovePills London.

Starting as a simple idea, Aeron has turned his idea into a fully functioning e-commerce business! LovePillsLDN stands as a reminder that there are various things happening in the world. Petty crimes like food thefts to heavier actions like macabre deaths have become prevalent; however, this can be stopped. LovePillsLDN stands for the appreciation of life every single day – each moment spent with loved ones, friends and family.

Give Love, Recieve Love, Spread Love.
For more information, check out his site at LovePillsLDN.

Emily Ventham

Emily Ventham

Emily is the founder of ArchiTec.

ArchiTec is an early-stage company which takes plastic waste and transforms it into a sustainable building material. The composition is completely sustainable, which makes houses that are also energy and financially efficient. The low cost of construction, as well as minimal energy usage for heating and cooling, provides accommodation which is both affordable and sustainable. We impose the concept of quick and disposable housing, which recycles waste rather than create it.