Our Projects and Founders – London UG

Our projects and founders from London Undergraduate are a dedicated mix of currently enrolled students, HFL alumni and Hult graduates currently working on their projects. Some still live in London whilst others are scattered across the World, solving global issues and working on the frontlines in the war of innovation. We are proud to have worked with them. They are our projects and founders.

As with when someone invests in an early-stage startup, what we really look for in our HFL-enrolled students is the ability to execute their project and idea. Founders need the ability to envision the future, carve their own path, and execute what only they can see.

Here are some of the projects still ongoing, that have been through the Hult Founders Lab program.

GREM (Founded by Alex): An app in Slovenia where young adults can find great venues and value-addition when they are going out with friends.

Nana Caregivers (Founded by Vera Ortega): A marketplace where people who seek care can find care-providers. Connecting these can help lighten the strain on many of our healthcare institutions today.