Podcasts and other resources

Here you can find podcasts and other resources that we believe are beneficial to all, including those who are not part of a current Hult Founders Lab cohort. Below are some key podcasts and other resources we think you should check out.

We have our own podcast, produced by HFL leader, Lars Stoerseth. You can learn about Lars and the rest of the Hult Founders Lab here.

There is also the unlearn podcast, created by Eric Ries, author of ‘The Lean Startup’. The Lean Startup is practically the go-to book for entrepreneurs and is by many regarded as a handbook on how to think about running a startup company. If you haven’t read the book- you should; buy it here! If reading the book is too much, listen to the bite-sized podcast episodes.

Jordan Belfort, ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’, has a podcast called ‘The Wolf’s Den’, where he speaks with business leaders and entrepreneurs from a multitude of industries and sectors. Definitely worth a listen if you are interested in how to sell more, how to launch and learning about the way to grow- quick!


Podcast – The Wolf’s Den

Other resources and key insights can be acquired by applying and being part of a Hult Founders Lab cohort. Alternatively, you can follow us on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. We also post a blog frequently.