Hult Founders Lab team – London

Undergraduate Program

Please meet the Hult Founders Lab team at the Hult London Undergraduate campus. Here we’ve gathered industry leaders for mentoring, experienced Hult faculty, a strong alumni community, and an extremely competent and experienced student management board, who is our driving force in London. The London Undergraduate campus is the cornerstone of the Hult Founders Lab and is the central hub from where everything is run and developed. Our team is actively working on making the program better for the projects in our cohorts, finding new partnerships that can help fund, develop and accelerate our current projects, alumni-projects and future projects.

Our team has more than fifty years of combined experience from all over the World, with industry-expertise ranging from tech entrepreneurs, management consulting, investment brokerage to marketing, operations and fashion.

Learn more about the Hult Founders Lab team below. You can connect with us on LinkedIn if you wish to get in touch. If you are interested in joining the Hult Founders Lab, you can contact us.