START Summit Recap

The START Summit is an international entrepreneurship summit that takes place in St. Gallen every year, bringing together entrepreneurs, VCs, investors, and speakers from all over the world for a couple of days of intense networking, pitching, and brainstorming. It is the leading student-run entrepreneurship conference in Europe and brings together over 2000 participants to foster innovation and entrepreneurship. Several Hult students were able to take part in the 2018 summit and greatly enjoyed their experiences. Two of our Founders, Adriano, and Monica Fantino, a bother and sister pair out to start their own company, were part of the Hult delegation and let us ask them a few questions about their experience!

  1. Why did you decide to go to the summit?

Adriano: It always great to join such events where you can meet new foreign people coming from different countries and schools from all over the world. This event had several interesting pitches, international entrepreneurs, speakers, and investors. That was an amazing opportunity to share the same interest and passion with other people and to increase my network.

Monica: I decided to go to the summit, mainly because it was a great opportunity in terms of networking and the high level of experts and investors attending the event. I was also drawn to the numerous interesting and useful practical workshops to participate in.

  1. What impacted you the most during the conference?

A: The organization was outstanding, and the quality of content shared with all the people involved was really relevant and valuable.

M: I was highly impacted by the numerous real opportunities offered during the event to connect with the right people and to got to share my business idea with them. Thanks to the application available during the entire event, I had the opportunity to book a private slot speaking session with a few investors and was able to receive their trustworthy feedback about my business idea.

  1. It sounds pretty educational and informative, but did you also have fun at the summit? What was the most fun part?

A: I really enjoyed my time at the workshops by having fun while working with other international students.

M: The most fun part was being able to take part of a series of pitches delivered by the entrepreneurs, followed by a series of questions coming from the most influent investors/ businessmen within the most influent global industries. From this, I learned how to deliver a great pitch to the investors, useful for current and future endeavors.

  1. How would you say this event helped develop your business idea?

A: The event gave me relevant insights on how to improve my business idea. Also, listening to some experts from the sector helped me a lot to achieve it. Every single event was important to me for getting more information and knowledge.

M: It was extremely useful in terms of high visibility and in terms of the high impact of the audience. Moreover, it was more than rewarded, since I and my brother had a real chance for our start-up idea to reach a targeted and high-level audience of investors. A few of them showed a real interest in it and proposed a further follow-up meeting for a more detailed understanding of it. To sum up, it was a great springboard.

  1. Would you recommend this to an entrepreneur for the next year?

A: Absolutely. Sharing your business idea and talking about it to others, may help to improve your actual business idea. The event itself is a great opportunity to expand your network and to get insights from all the speakers.

M: Yes, absolutely. Great opportunity to kick-off your start-up, perfect atmosphere, and international networking opportunity. I will recommend it!

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