2Click Solutions: 4 Tips On Becoming An Entrepreneur

Many thanks for all of you who were able to make it out for the 2Click Solutions presentation last week! It was great to hear from former Hult students about the path that they have taken since leaving Hult and the lessons that they have learned along the way while starting their global company!

Bernarda Matic and Guiseppe Lamele from 2Click Solutions met at Hult, and when their studies started to wear down they decided that they were going to build a company together in Vietnam. They decided from the start that they were going to “build a company not develop a business” because “we don’t want to solve problems, but we want to build on strengths!” Fast forward to three years later and they have created a global company with representatives around the world that makes bespoke software for companies. Amongst the many accomplishments, they talk about a machine learning platform that they created to reduce bias in managerial assessments which is leading to more inclusive and happy working environments! While being able to talk about their successes with pride they don’t act like they haven’t had failures or mistakes in their past, but rather say that they have learned just as much from their missteps and it has made them who they are today. Here are the four key points that they say have been the most instrumental learning points that they have accumulated along the way:

  1. Accept Chaos

“Don’t plan too much. You will never win against randomness, respect it and lean on it for part of your day!” Instead of trying to plan out 100% of your day or week, like you can account for every second of the day, try to only plan out 70% so that you can be open to unexpected events and outcomes! If you try to have a tight grip on what happens during your day you’ll always end up disappointed, but if you leave your day open for the unknown you’ll be much better prepared to handle it when it comes your way.

  1. Explore more

“Don’t rush to choose. Imagine yourself in different opportunities.” One of the biggest mistakes that we can make after graduating is rushing into the first opportunity that comes our way. If we allow ourselves the space to find something truly worth doing, then we will be more likely to enjoy what we are doing for years to come

  1. Avoid Giants

“This is the era of impact, not the era of weight. Always chose the option the majority avoids.” Guiseppe believes that life isn’t about the title that you have or the company brand that you work for, but about how much impact you are making. Look for opportunities to make an impact and it will be much more satisfying than achieving “weight” as he calls it.

  1. Build Soft Skills

“Make your free time the most important part of your day and defend it.” Instead of defining ourselves by what we must do, we should start defining ourselves by what we want to do. Focus on the activities that make you feel alive and keep them sacred in your day-to-day because that is the only way to truly live.

Thank you all for coming out and learning with us! We look forward to seeing you at the next speaker series!

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