Hult Founders Lab: Mentor Event

On Thursday 29th of November, the start-ups had the opportunity to meet their mentors. The mentors that came to the event are from diverse backgrounds and are willing to help the founders in their specific areas of specialities.

The event started by the mentors presenting themselves to inform everyone in the room what they are currently doing and what are the areas in which they have specialized throughout the years.

Then, every start-up pitched their business ideas in two minutes presenting their product and their main current challenges, for the mentors to know in which areas they might be able to help the start-ups to move forward since all of them are situated in different stages. Later, the start-ups and the mentors were given time to network with each other and answer some questions that both parties, the mentors and the startups had.

This way the mentors could get a deeper insight in each of the businesses they talked to, and the start-ups could start getting pieces of advice to take their businesses to the next level.

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