Pitchbook: Event Recap

PitchBook came to Hult to talk about their company to our Founders and stayed after the event for a little bit of networking as well! We were so grateful for their time and glad to see that our Founders were able to hear about such a useful tool to help their startups reach their next level of funding!

PitchBook is a company dedicated to creating a “better way to do VC, PE and M&A” by providing the best research and data on the market. Although the company is growing quickly and was recently acquired by MorningStar in 2016, they have still been able to retain their entrepreneurial spirit by empowering their employees to give suggestions that add value to the product.

They also talked at length about PitchBook University which is a way that they train their new employees on the “PitchBook ways”. The program, while focusing on training their employees, also does a great job of instilling them with company values and DNA.

While PitchBook itself is a good platform for our Founders to look into, it also a great learning opportunity for our Founders to think about how they can run their businesses in the future when they are expanding but wanting to keep that “startup feel”.

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