Cohort 360 Event, Fall 2018 – Recap

Friday, October 19th, the Hult Founders Lab officially launched its fall 2018 program by kicking off with a cohort 360 and roast at the Hult London UG Campus. We invited all founders for a pitching session in which each start-up presented their idea to the rest of the cohort and receive feedback from each other. The pitching time was kept shorter than the Q&A intentionally to spark debate between founders and see if there were any synergies between them.

The debates and comments ranged widely and there was a true openness to the feedback, so much so that the discussions kept going longer than expected. It is always remarkable, and a pleasure, to see what happens when people with similar interests and ambitions are left in a room to brainstorm freely.

The event carried on with presentations of start-ups from the manufacturing industry, AgriTech, social media production, FinTech, and insurance, all the way to social enterprises tackling energy poverty. Some are just at the initial phases trying to find their place in the market, while others are more established and have clients with annual revenues of $250M dollars.

We were so impressed by some of the start-ups and are truly looking forward to seeing what these founders can achieve in the Hult Founders Lab. Congratulations again to the new cohort and let this be the spark to ignite your next great idea.

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